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So popular is our Pankhursts tour we can’t add dates quick enough to meet demand! This is because word has spread that New Manchester Walks has unearthed the most astonishing stories connected with the Manchester family that women the vote. This is centenary year – the centenary of some women getting the vote and NOT on the same terms of men, so do we celebrate or continue to agitate? This was the dilemma that Sylvia Pankhurst faced in 1918. Want to know more? Book here!
* Sat 10 March, 2pm. !!SOLD OUT!!
* Sat 7 April, 2pm. !!ALMOST SOLD OUT!!
* Sat 5 May, 10.30am. Please book here with eventbrite.
* Sat 9 June, 2.30pm. Histories Festival weekend. Please book here with eventbrite.